Lead partner country:

PRIORITY 1 - Increasing competitiveness of the border area

Enterprise development through making investment areas of the Municipality of Lubaczów accessible and the recultivation of degraded areas of Yavoriv and Novyi Rozdil districts

Lead PartnerLubaczów Municipality (Poland)

Partnership The Institute of Regional Development (Ukraine)
City Council of Novyi Rozdil (Ukraine)
Yavoriv Raion Council (Ukraine)
Commune Lubaczów (Poland)

Total budget4430017,57 €

Programme Contribution3954114,15 €

Duration24 months

Measure1.1. Better conditions for entrepreneurship

Project ref. numberIPBU.01.02.00-18-486/11-00

Making investment areas available and development of joint strategy of attracting external capital is also an opportunity for the development of entrepreneurship among local communities and creating new jobs. This idea of cities and municipalities on the Polish and Ukrainian side of the border is the axis of their project written out for a number of common actions. Polish and Ukrainian partners have similar problems: degraded infrastructure, in particular the one which is relevant for economic growth. The biggest need of Lubaczów city and commune is development of investment areas. Yavoriv Raion and the Town of Novyi Rozdil on the other hand need most urgently recultivation of degraded post-industrial (sulphur) areas. The discovery of sulphur deposits in the areas of Yavoriv in the 60s led to the rapid development of industry there, devastating natural environment. Another problem noticed by all of the partners is a lack of professional and specialised staff in terms of attraction and service of external investors and promotion of investment offer.

Within the framework of the project in Lubaczów commune roads leading to investment areas will be created. While in Ukraine cleaning and recultivation of lands with an area of 120 hectares is planned. At the same time works on analysis of external investors' expectations and potential of the city and Lubaczów commune areas are in progress, and on the Ukrainian side works on development of strategic documents which would make it possible to determine the directions of development of these areas and to provide further financing necessary for this project. In Novyi Rozdil and Yavoriv investment areas management centres will operate. While in Lubaczów a municipal and communal Agency of Local Development will be created. The result of joint Polish and Ukrainian action will be the Polish and Ukrainian Cluster for development of the eastern border areas of the European Union.

Tasks provided for in the project will be complemented by trainings for employees of municipal and commune offices, non-governmental organizations and from business environment in terms of activity of economic zones, attracting external investors, relations with investors, public and private partnerships and joint numerous promotional activities, such as publication of guides for investors, creating websites presenting the investment offer. Due to implementation of the project, integrated product in form of an investment offer for external and internal business entities will be created. Joint investment offer will meet the expectations of investors seeking both areas located within the EU as well as outside them, i.e. in Ukraine.