Lead partner country:

PRIORITY 1 - Increasing competitiveness of the border area

Establishment of informational complex in the sphere of cross-border eco-tourism in the Euroregion Bug

Lead PartnerPublic organization Ecological Tourism Club (Ukraine)

Partnership Lublin Regional Tourism Organization (Poland)
Brest Regional Agro-industrial Union (Belarus)

Total budget428 419,40 €

Programme Contribution385 577,46 €

Duration24 months

Measure1.2. Tourism development

Project ref. numberIPBU.01.02.00-78-540/11

Overall objective: Improvement of Polissia's attractiveness for tourists in Lublin voivodship, Brest and Volyn Regions.

Specific objectives:
1. Improvement of quality and quantity of tourist services, tourist information about tourist objects, tourist safety and availability of the unique natural landscapes of Polissia.
2. Creation of a positive tourist image of the Polissia territory on the international tourist market through promotion of the international ecotourism brand name "Polissia".

The main activities include:
1. Creation of the Volyn tourist Cluster in Lutsk
2. Creation of the Brest tourist Cluster in Brest
3. Touristic research on the potential of the Polissia territory, development of the promotion strategy and creation of the visual identification system for the international ecotourism brand name "Polissia" in the city of Lublin - The research will be a starting analysis of the whole territory of Polissia tourism potential and will identify most valuable natural assets, cultural assets, which are the starting points for determining of travel routes and for the creation of joint touristic offers.
4. Currently in the border areas there is no document containing information about cross-border touristic attractions, making it impossible to create a proposal in which 2 or 3 countries are combined.
5. Analyses of tourism legislation in three countries. Analyses of legal issues concerning organization of tourism in three countries will be of an invaluable assistance to all potential tourists, touristic organizations, travel agencies and self-governments, who take part or just plan cross-border trips.
6. Creation of 3 Tourism Information and Tourist Equipment Rent centers in Volyn Region - 3 Tourist information and equipment rent Centers will be created in National parks of Volyn region, Ukraine (Shatsk National Nature park, National park "Prypjat-Stokhid" and National park "Tsumanaska pushcha").
7. Creation of the Tourism Information and Tourist Equipment Rent center - 1 Center will be created in Nature reserve of Brest region, Belorussia (Republican landscape reserve "Prybuzke Polissia").
8. Creation of the Tourism Information and Tourist Equipment Rent Center in Lublin Voivodeship - 1 Center will be created in National park of Lublin voivodship (Polissia National park).
9. Creation of Polish-Belarusian-Ukrainian cross-border tourism Cluster.
10. Marking of 7 ecotourism routes in Volyn Region, 4 ecotourism routes in Brest Region and 6 ecotourism routes in Lublin Voivodeship
11. Creation of cross-border bicycle route and holding of Cross-border Bike Ride tour through National Parks of the three countries.