Lead partner country:

PRIORITY 3 - Networking and people-to-people cooperation

“Across borders without barriers” – integration of disabled people through tourism and culture

Lead PartnerIntegration Association (Poland)

Partnership Green Cross Society in Lviv (Ukraine)

Total budget1945903,5 €

Programme Contribution1751313,15 €

Duration24 months

Measure3.1. Regional and local cross-border cooperation capacity building

Project ref. numberIPBU.03.01.00-06-310/11-00

The overall objective of the project is "Fostering institutional cooperation contributing to the reduction of social exclusion of people with disabilities in the Polish-Ukrainian border area." The achievement of the overall objective of the project will improve the quality and effectiveness of the functioning of social organizations in the border area, which, in the long run, should have a positive influence on the integration of border areas as well as their social and economic cohesion.
The overall objective of the project will be possible to achieve thanks to the following specific objectives:
1) Improvement of project partners' logistic bases on both sides of the border allowing the large-scale organization of cross-border tourist and rehabilitation programmes for disabled persons;
2) Broadening the knowledge and raising the awareness of people and institutions in the Polish-Ukrainian border area regarding the development of various forms of disabled persons integration;
3) Utilising tourism, culture and sport in order to promote the integration of the disabled in the Polish-Ukrainian border area.

The achievement of the specific project objectives will contribute to technical and organizational strengthening of institutions participating in the project allowing, among others, more effective accomplishment of statutory objectives regarding active integration of the disabled through culture, sport and tourism. Thanks to the establishment of the educational and rehabilitation infrastructure in Krasnystaw as well as purchasing the necessary vehicles for the transportation of disabled persons, it will be possible to increase the number of the disabled from the Polish-Ukrainian border area actively integrated through culture, sport and tourism.
Moreover, owing to the information and educational activities within the framework of the project it will be possible to extend the knowledge and raise the consciousness of inhabitants and institutions with regard to various forms of social exclusion and methods of coping with them. The development of the institutional capacity for the cooperation between the partners of the project will be a method of creating and testing at a local level new mechanisms and tools of the cross-border cooperation in the field of the social integration of disabled persons, which can be subsequently utilised at a higher level, for example, regional or institutional.
Expected other results:
1) The base extended and adapted to the needs of disabled persons allowing the organization of regular tourist and rehabilitation programmes for the disabled from Polish, Ukrainian and Belarusian border areas;
2) Partner institutions equipped with necessary vehicles and equipment allowing problem free travel for the disabled and their access to services and public institutions (including culture and tourist ones);
3) Broadened knowledge and raised awareness of the inhabitants of border areas with regard to the removal of barriers to the disabled as well as their social activation through tourism and culture;
4) Organised specialist tourist and rehabilitation programmes for the disabled with the use of the newly constructed infrastructure and purchased equipment and vehicles,
5) Joint internet platform allowing, among others, communication and sharing knowledge and the most effective practices regarding the integration of the disabled



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