Lead partner country:

PRIORITY 1 - Increasing competitiveness of the border area

Development of cooperation in the field of the spa and health resort tourism in the Polish-Ukrainian borderland

Lead PartnerBiszcza Commune (Poland)

Partnership Volyn Oblast Council (Ukraine)
Hremyache village (Ukraine)
Volyn association of scientists and innovators (Ukraine)

Total budget2047845 €

Programme Contribution1843060,5 €

Duration24 months

Measure1.2. Tourism development

Project ref. numberIPBU.01.02.00-78-484/11-00

The general objective of the project is to increase tourist and investment attractiveness of the borderland areas of Poland and Ukraine through the health resort tourism development.

The specific objectives of the project are:
- Formation of conditions for health resort tourism development in Biszcza Commune and Hrem'yache village
- Formation of the cross-border tourist offer based on advantageous bioclimatic conditions of Biszcza Commune and Hrem'yache village.

The following products are assumed (after Annex I to the Grant Contract):
- Purchase of tourist equipment and development of tourist facilities at the information and tourist centre in the health resort in Hremyache village in Ukraine.
- Construction of a modern spa in Hremyache village in Ukraine.
- Furnishing Hremyache village health resort with diagnostic and treatment equipment in Hremyache village in Ukraine.
- Preparation of full documentation (feasibility study and health resort environmental documentation) required in accordance with relevant law on spa treatment, health resorts and areas of health resort protection and the health resort communes, which is in force, in order to obtain the status of a health resort by Biszcza commune.
- 3 internships in Ukraine for employees of Biszcze commune to familiarize them with functioning of a health resort in Ukraine
- Forum "The advanced experience within the scope of the spa and health report treatment" dedicated to the exchange of experiences in conducting health resort activity for the experts from both parties
- Signature of "Common strategy of cross-border regions for the development of tourist and health resort potential". The strategy will be signed for at least 5 subsequent years after completion of the Project implementation. 

Soft results of the project include:
- Increase of attractiveness and competitiveness of Kiwerciwski Region and Biszcza Commune.
- Increased use of the tourist potential (spa and health resort) by Kiwerciwski Area and Biszcza Commune.
- Increased facilities for spa and health resort in Kiwerciwski Area (Hrem'yache village) quality and balanced cross-border tourist of Kiwerciwski Region and Biszcza Commune based on health resort potential.
- Promotion of the Kiwerciwski Region and Biszcza Commune .
- Additional work places in the health and spa branch in the Kiwerciwski Region and Biszcza Commune.

The measurable results of the project will be: getting the community Biszcza health resort status, which will allow the creation of balneological treatment center. Municipality has allocated area of about 40 hectares, which has been saved in the current zoning plan of the village. Status spas allow the municipality to apply for government grants for infrastructure development and help attract investors. For the partner of Ukraine project will improve infrastructure in the sanatorium, its equipment and service quality. The project will enable the partners on both sides of the border to establish stronger collaboration based on experience in running a sanatorium.The project has a significant multiplier effect on the local economy. Applicant and its partners estimate that planned to carry out actions bring tangible benefits in the form of a permanent change in the region, on the number of investments, the economic situation and competitiveness of the region, as well as the level of wealth in the border area.