Lead partner country:

PRIORITY 1 - Increasing competitiveness of the border area

Developing an innovative model of the cross-border use of zeolitic tuff

Lead PartnerHigher School of Managment and Administration in Zamość (Poland)

Partnership The Bohdan Dobrzański Institute of Agrophisics of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland)
Lviv Polytechnic National University (Ukraine)
Lublin University of Technology (Poland)

Total budget880 985.69 €

Programme Contribution778 384.51 €

Duration24 months

Measure1.1. Better conditions for entrepreneurship

Project ref. numberIPBU.01.01.00-06-570/11-00

In the Transcarpathian region, there are enormous zeolite tuff deposits, estimated at more than 1 billion tons and used in many industries. However, these resources are not sufficiently exploited due to the lack of complete knowledge about their properties and innovative processing technologies. Thanks to cooperation between the institutions and enterprises from the Polish-Ukrainian cross-border region, it is possible to exploit the existing potential and create a unique scientific, research and implementation networking.

The main objective of the project is to strengthen cooperation and streamline the flow of knowledge between research institutions and enterprises in the Polish-Ukrainian cross-border area. The institutional form of implemented cross-border co-operation networks will be Cross-Border Cluster of Zeolite Tuffs. It will fill the gap between laboratory testing stage and the application of zeolite tuffs in the production. Therefore, the role of the Cluster will be, on the one hand, promoting the use of known properties of tuffs, and on the other hand, their study and implementation for new uses in the economy.

The programme of studies for new applications of tuffs is extensive. They concern the use of these minerals as substitutes for cement in building mortars, renovation plasters and concretes, in the environmental engineering as sorbents of oil products, sorbents of heavy metals and ammonium ions originating from industrial waste, in LECA production, in agriculture for the remediation of soil and preservation of soil moisture at permanent level as well as in the manufacture of bituminous mixtures. The task of the Cluster is to analyse legal requirements for the protection of industrial and intellectual copyrights in the field of the above listed technologies. The declarations of participation in the cluster zeolite technology have already been signed by more than 20 companies, including Kruszywa Niemce company, which is the largest producer of construction materials in the Lublin region.

The idea to create a network of cross-border cooperation in the field of innovative use of zeolite tuffs and activate the interested circles is supported by numerous meetings, organised by the project partners. These are the study visits to research and development units, individual research stays in partner scientific institutions, international conferences and seminars. As a result, twelve publications will be published in scientific journals. These publications, translated into three languages (Ukrainian, Polish, English), will be available in electronic form on the website of the project. At the end of the implementation of the project, Zamość University will organise Innovative Technology Cross-Border Fairs. They will present overall achievements of R & D project and the companies - cluster members interested in the implementation of developed technologies.


Overall objective developing and strengthening the co-operation and knowledge transfer between research institutions, enterprises, public and local administration units in the Polish-Ukrainian cross-border area, and the specific objectives are:

  1. Creating in the Lubelskie voivodship, Lvivska Oblast and Zakarpatska Oblast, an institutionalised network of co-operation of research units, enterprises, non-governmental institutions, public and local administration units concerned with the economic use of zeolitic tuff.   
  2. Preparing complete organisational and technological solutions using Ukrainian zeolitic tuff, ready for further implementation works in enterprises.
  3. Creating cohesive conceptions, procedures and tools of knowledge exchange between the sphere of research and the sphere of enterprises in the Polish-Ukrainian cross-border region.


As a result of the project implementation a functioning, institutionalised co-operation network will be created - the Cross-border Zeolitic Tuff Cluster. Moreover, proposals of ready for further implementation works technological solutions for using zeolitic tuff in the manufacture of construction materials, environment protection and agriculture will be made. At the same time, the transfer of knowledge and technology between the research sphere and the sphere of enterprises in the Polish-Ukrainian cross-border area will be developed.