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PRIORITY 1 - Increasing competitiveness of the border area

Development of the cross-border economic cooperation of Białystok-Suwałki Subregion and Hrodna oblast in Belarus and also of Krosno-Przemysl Subregion and Zakarpattia oblast in Ukraine

Lead PartnerBiałostocka Fundacja Kształcenia Kadr (BFKK) (Poland)

Partnership Fund of Transborder Cooperation and Special Economic Zones Development (Ukraine)
Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno (Belarus)

Total budget157 426.40 €

Programme Contribution141 683.76 €

Duration18 months

Measure1.1. Better conditions for entrepreneurship

Project ref. numberIPBU.01.01.00-20-636/11-00

Border location of the regions may be advantageous. The peripheral problems can be overcome if cross-border economic cooperation is developed. The initiation and use of this potential is owed to the project inspired by Białystok Personnel Training Foundation in cooperation with partners from Ukraine and Belarus. As part of the project, the basis for the development of the activities was to identify the barriers that inhibit cross-border cooperation of enterprises and local governments in the four border regions. It was found out that individual municipalities do not have adequate strategic and operational programmes. The actions undertaken are random and uncoordinated. The entrepreneurs have no knowledge about the possibilities of cooperation, no contacts, do not know the best practices, and, above all, do not trust the partners on the other side of the border. The development of models for cross-border cooperation in the scope of potential, needs and expectations of each region will be the most important outcome of the activities of the partners of the projects. These models will consist of a set of analyses of the current conditions for cooperation within the area covered by the project and other border regions.

The starting point for each operational programme is to analyse the situation of the above-mentioned specific areas. It is carried out by surveying small and medium-sized businesses, operating in the border areas. The survey will include 100 companies from each region (Bialystok-Suwałki subregion, Krosno-Przemyśl subregion, Grodno and Transcarpahian oblasts). The results will be published in the form of five reports - one report dedicated to each studied area and summary report, including findings arising from comparative analysis and recommendations. Owing to this, individual municipalities, at minimal cost and effort, will be able to attract and co-create professional cross-border cooperation programmes, based on the results of current analysis, relevant to their own situation and accepted by social partners.

The project can be promoted in the business community and local government circles during the four conferences dedicated to the presentation of research results and models of cross-border cooperation, as well as the presentation of the offer of municipalities, towns and companies in the exhibition pavilions. The measures activating local governments and traders to benefit from the border location for the purpose of economic cooperation will translate into raising the quality of life of local communities. In fact, the measures will result in increase in employment, GDP growth, and reduction of the development gap between the border regions, as compared to the central areas in their countries.