Lead partner country:

PRIORITY 1 - Increasing competitiveness of the border area

“Time for Business” – Creating the conditions for business development in rural areas of the Volyn Region of Ukraine and The Lublin Voivodeship of Poland by means of diversifying the agricultural production

Lead PartnerGorokhiv District Council (Ukraine)

Partnership Public organization «Volyn Agricultural Advisory Service» (Ukraine)
Volyn Region Charitable Foundation “European Vector” (Ukraine)
Lublin Agricultural Advisory Centre in Konskowola (Poland)

Total budget220 000.00 €

Programme Contribution197 560.00 €

Duration20 months

Measure1.1. Better conditions for entrepreneurship

Project ref. numberIPBU.01.01.00-78-791/11-00

The project supports the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in rural areas of Volyn Oblast and Lublin Voivodeship through training of farmers in the introduction of new, profitable crops, use of modern technology and creation of a system of cross-border flow of information about markets for agricultural products.

Project activities focus primarily on increasing the farmers' knowledge about modern cultivation and provision of updated information about the current trends and prices in agricultural markets in Poland and Ukraine. To this end, on both sides of the border, the market information system border newsletter is published. The Ukrainian partner runs the website ‘Time for business', which monitors and updates the prices of agricultural products every two weeks. Five brochures on production technology of vegetables, growing vegetables in greenhouses and under glass, cultivation of crops in the open and closed area, technology of establishment of garden and ecological farming have been published and distributed among the farmers.

By the end of April 2014, 8414 users registered on the portal. It proves that the target group is greatly interested in the information contained on the website. It was estimated that 14 500 visitors will be present during the whole period of the project. To familiarise the largest possible number of agricultural producers with the offer of the project and encourage them to participate in trainings, two thousand leaflets in Polish and Ukrainian languages have been distributed, 15 thematic workshops have been conducted for the volunteers from Volyn and 10 seminars on ‘Direct sales, processing of agricultural production' have been organised for the farmers from Lublin Voivodeship. In Poland, the workshops entitled ‘Best Practices' have been held for the five groups of the inhabitants of Volyn rural municipalities. The courses have awoken surprisingly large interest. 197 people have participated in them. In the long term, the desired outcome of the project will be to increase the competitiveness of farmers and their income.