Lead partner country:

PRIORITY 3 - Networking and people-to-people cooperation

Student with initiative: vector of energy saving

Lead PartnerAgency for Private Initiative Development (Ukraine)

Partnership Executive Committee of Ivano-Frankivsk City Council (Ukraine)
Municipality of Lublin (Poland)

Total budget230 604.00 €

Programme Contribution207 543.60 €

Duration12 months

Measure3.1. Regional and local cross-border cooperation capacity building

Project ref. numberIPBU.03.01.00-90-701/11-00

Overall Project goal is to stimulate an active in project preparation youth in Ivano-Frankivsk region of Ukraine and in Lublin voivodeship of Poland to initiation and implementation of youth innovation and cross-border cooperation in energy saving sector.
The project will provide the activities which are developed the new facilities to youth project implementation and technological innovations relating to energy efficiency measures, resource conservation and alternative kinds of energy use.
The specific project objectives of the project are:
1. To create an efficient Network of youth cross-border cooperation in the energy saving sphere;
2. To get ready the active in project preparation youth to the future activities in the energy saving sector;
3. To ensure the promotion tools of youth initiatives and support of youth employment in the sphere of energy saving.

The activities include:

  • Creation of a web-platform for the presentation and exchange of ideas of young people in energy saving issues. It is anticipated to develop an interactive web-platform of the following content: 1) News of energy saving (informing about events in energy saving sphere); 2) Presentation of the youth projects and technologies; 3) Informational materials; 4) International debates tournaments; 5) Volunteering. Students from Poland and Ukraine (project participants) will have access to the content of the web-platform and will be able to fill it in by themselves. Web-platform also will act as a virtual office.
  • Database creation. It is anticipated to form a database of universities, professions, researching programs in energy saving sector, including companies working in this sector of activity in both project locations. For the database development the requests will be sent to the universities and companies of the project locations. The compiled information will be kept in separate blocks by themes, but common by the areas: data of the Polish and Ukrainian universities, professions, programs, companies etc. will be equally available to Polish and Ukrainian users. Databases will be available on the project web-platform.
  • Launch of student exchange program (students and graduates) between universities of two cities in energy saving and promotion of joint research activities in the field. In frames of the activity, a study about research programs, industrial and energy saving companies in two project locations will be conducted. In this line, representatives of target groups will be interviewed to identify the information and communication specific needs for promotion of energy saving innovations during the exchange programs. A round table for Polish and Ukrainian participants will be held to discuss opportunities for cooperation and to formalize a new partnership by signing a memorandum of co-operation between universities of two locations.

Expected results
1) Web-platform of Cross-Border Cooperation Network in the energy saving sector among young people is created.; 2) Joint database for the two border regions is available on the Network web-platform; 3) one round table discussion on cross-border youth exchange programs in Ivano-Frankivsk and one in Lublin are held; 4) 30 participants in two project locations initiated cooperation between universities of the two cities; 5) the joint concept for research stimulation is developed and memorandum on cooperation between institutions working in the energy saving sector is signed (1 joint document); 6) 10-day cross-border school RADAR training is delivered; 7) 20 students from Ukraine and 20 from Poland have received the knowledge and skills in management, fundraising and leadership for the development of energy efficiency initiatives; 8) participants of the school training prepared at least 10 energy saving proposals and placed them on the Network web-platform; 9) the new training module for the participants from two cross-border regions is developed and tested; 10) at least 7 topics in the field of energy saving are discussed; 11) 2 regional and 1 international debate tournaments are delivered; 12) 150 representatives of the project locations (universities, schools, local authorities, enterprises, organizations, NGO's, energy saving stakeholders) took part in 3 events of International Debate Tournaments; 13) 20 Ukrainian and 20 Polish students took part in 3 events of International Debate Tournaments; 14) 18 participants from Ukraine visited the objects of energy saving, research and development institutions, universities and companies in Lublin Voivodeship and established partnership relations; 15) 18 participants from Poland visited research institutions and development organizations, universities and established partner's relationships in Ivano-Frankivsk region of Ukraine; 16) 4000 promotional booklets are disseminated among the interested parties; 17) for 1000 copies of promotional brochures on the project results (in Ukrainian, Polish and English languages) distributed among the project target groups and stakeholders in energy saving sector; 18) International Forum of Youth Initiatives was held within the project; 19) minimum 80 persons took part in International Forum of Youth Initiatives where they familiarized with new ideas in energy saving sphere and set up new contacts; 20) 6 promotional billboards were installed in the crowd places in Ukraine and Poland project area; 21) 1 joint (for two project locations) database of vacancies and labor offers in the field of energy is created and placed on the Network's web-platform; 22) 2 orientation meetings with students in at least 4 schools in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk and the same in Lublin organized; 23) at least 10 representatives of employers and universities in Ivano-Frankivsk and 10 employers and representatives of universities in Lublin participated in meetings with students; 24) two TV shows (1 in each location) and 4 radio programs (2 in each locations) broadcasted, orientation meetings with students in at least 4 schools in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk and the same in Lublin organized; 25)Information about the project implementing are disseminated in communities of both project target locations - Ivano-Frankivsk region Ukraine and Lublin voivodeship Poland (the total population is about 2 million 550 thousand people); 27) 11 press releases on the project progress and results are prepared and published; 28) minimum 11 publications on the project progress and results are prepared and published by local and national media.