Lead partner country:

PRIORITY 1 - Increasing competitiveness of the border area

Partner project of development of common tourism based on new youth sport and leisure centers

Lead PartnerKrosno County (Poland)

Partnership Baranynci Village Council (Ukraine)
Uzhgorod City Council (Ukraine)

Total budget574 868,98 €

Programme Contribution517 382,08 €

Duration21 months

Measure1.2. Tourism development

Project ref. numberIPBU.01.02.00-18-155/10

Krosno and Uzhgorod are important trade, industrial, educational and cultural administrative centres, which to a large extent impact the development of the Podkarpackie and Zakarpattya regions. Tourism is one of the most important branches of economy of these partner cities and border areas.

The project, therefore, aims at the development and promotion of active tourism infrastructure, development of cooperation between Krosno and Uzhgorod based on the promotion of new sports and leisure facilities in the borderland areas and boosting economic development on both sides of the border through support and promotion of active tourism.

The outcome of the project will be the network of three sports and leisure centres in Wola Michowa (Poland), Uzhgorod and Baranynci (Ukraine), cross-border youth meetings, i.e. Youth Cycle Tourism Days and Youth Tourism Festival. Besides that a number of promotional activities will be carried out such as the publication of information-promotional guidebooksand a website.



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