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PRIORITY 1 - Increasing competitiveness of the border area

Clean Water at the Bug Estuary - A Cross-Border Water Supply System for Hrubieszów and Volodymyr Volyns’kyi - Stage I

Lead PartnerThe Urban Commune of Hrubieszów (Poland)

Partnership Town of Volodymyr Volyns’kyi (Ukraine)

Total budget410 327,00 €

Programme Contribution369 294,30 €

Duration15 months

Measure1.3. Improving access to the region

Project ref. numberIPBU.01.03.00-06-161/10

One of the most significant factors that limit the regions accessibility for investments and reduce inhabitants’ living standard is an obsolete water supply network.

The overall objective of the project is to increase the accessibility of the region of the Lower Bug Estuary for investors, uphold the inhabitants’ living standard and improve the region’s tourist and economic attractiveness through the improvement of the quality of social and economic infrastructure related to water supply.

The specific objectives of the project are implementation of joint water supply management in local self-governments by establishing joint project structures, support of the future investments concerning water supply and the improvement of the inhabitants’ awareness of effective water management. The core of the project is creation of technical documentation for the most prioritized areas of water supply infrastructure.

The result of the project will be the creation of a Common Office for the Management of Water Supply, specially developed technical documentation on water supply for the towns of Hrubieszów in Poland and Volodymyr Volyns’kyi in Ukraine, a number of workshops for the employees of town administrations, extensive information and promotion activities including publications, the Internet web pages as well as two conferences. As the result of the project, both towns will obtain knowledge in the needs for water supply and actual state of investment structure for water supply.



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