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PRIORITY 3 - Networking and people-to-people cooperation

Development of cross-border cooperation in order to improve public health conditions of the bielski district and Luboml rayon through programs of health promotion and prevention in the field of oncological diseases and tuberculosis

Lead PartnerIndependent Public Health Care Institution in Bielsk Podlaski (Poland)

Partnership Territorial Medical Association Region of Luboml and Szack – Luboml Hospital District (Ukraine)

Total budget2 389 452,61 €

Programme Contribution2 150 268,40 €

Duration24 months

Measure3.1. Regional and local cross-border cooperation capacity building

Project ref. numberIPBU.03.01.00-20-423/11

The main objective of this new cross-border cooperation partnership is to improve public health conditions through prevention programs, health promotion and improving the quality and availability of medical services. The project focuses on the problem of insufficient equipment base to carry out preventive examinations and insufficient number of prevention programs in the field of oncological diseases and tuberculosis. This is why informational campaign for early detection of cancer and tuberculosis is planned together with purchase of medical equipment, introduction of latest medical technologies (diagnostic imaging ultrasound apparatus and mobile X-ray system as an example) and exchange of experience among the medical institutions involved.

The project activities include purchase of an X-ray system, an ultrasound device, a digital medical imaging facility, an arthroscopy kit, gas and electrolyte blood analyzer, a hematology analyzer, two ambulances with medical equipment, operating tables for surgery, an endoscopy set, a mammography system, a laparoscopy kit and others.

The project shall increase the quality and availability of medical services in the Polish-Ukrainian borderland. In a long term period, the project will contribute to the decline in mortality due to the larger public awareness and greater access to specialized medical research.



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