Lead partner country:

PRIORITY 1 - Increasing competitiveness of the border area

Development of the small and medium entrepreneurship in Rivne and Lublin

Lead PartnerExecutive Committee of Rivne City Council (Ukraine)

Partnership Municipality of Lublin (Poland)

Total budget373 730 €

Programme Contribution336 357 €

Duration24 months

Measure1.1. Better conditions for entrepreneurship

Project ref. numberIPBU.01.01.00-88-784_11-00

The activities under the project will contribute to the establishment of a permanent dialogue between the representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises and the administration of Rivne. The election of local authorities of Lublin as a partner for the project will allow the Ukrainian side to use Polish experience, as well as facilitate the entrepreneurs of both cities to establish business contacts, establish the companies and develop trade exchange. An important result of the implementation of the project is the establishment of Business Service Center for Rivne City Council. The employees of the Center provide consultation on the rules and procedures for starting and running a business, as well as organise ‘Round table' meetings of entrepreneurs and representatives of the city administration on the barriers to business development. So far, nearly one thousand people have used the BSC services. More than 200 people were consulted during the twelve ‘Days of institutions giving permission to conduct businesses. The basis for the successful achievement of the objectives set in the project is the Protocol on Cooperation, signed among the Executive Committee of Rivne City Council and the Tax Inspection of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Revenue in Rivne Oblast, Rivne Customs Office, the Department of DSN, Registration Service of the Department of Justice, the main Directorate of Sanitation Department, Department of Veterinary Medicine, Health and Safety Territorial Board and the Employment Center in December 2013. Rivne and Lublin's cooperation, conducted as part of the project, runs at the level of representatives of administration in both cities and the entrepreneurs. A dozen representatives of Rivne City Council were hosted by the City Office of Lublin. During the meeting, the partners exchanged experiences in promoting entrepreneurship, as well as information about the economic potential of the cities and opportunities to develop cross-border cooperation.

The partners have organised for the entrepreneurs presentations of business potential of each city, as well as seminars on business activities on both sides of the border and practical skills needed for establishing cross-border cooperation. In Lublin, three exhibitions for SMEs have already been organised. During those events, 186 entrepreneurs from Rivne and Lublin started negotiations on establishing cooperation. The positive attitude of entrepreneurs towards cross-border cooperation is evidenced by the fact that language courses organised for the target groups of the project were successful. So far, 12 SMEs representatives from Rivne have reached a basic level of Polish during a three-month course, and 24 people from Lublin have participated in two three-month courses of the Ukrainian language. Recent statistics confirm the effectiveness of the measures implemented. The number of joint ventures between SMEs of Rivne and Lublin increased by 400 percent in 2013 percent, as compared to 2012. The number of cooperation agreements has increased by 500 percent at the same time. The value of exports of small and medium-sized enterprises from Rivne to Poland increased by 380 percent in 2013 (up to 85 million dollars), as compared to 2011. For the Executive Committee of the Rivne City Council, implementation of the project constitutes extremely valuable experience. For the first time, the implemented project was funded by the European Union as a lead partner.