Lead partner country:

PRIORITY 3 - Networking and people-to-people cooperation

Polish-Ukrainian Experience Exchange Forum by the way of long and effective cross-border cooperation

Lead PartnerRopczycko-Sędziszowski Poviat (Poland)

Partnership Stryi Raion (Ukraine)

Total budget123 301,83 €

Programme Contribution110 971,65 €

Duration18 months

Measure3.1. Regional and local cross-border cooperation capacity building

Project ref. numberIPBU.03.01.00-18-770/11-00

The partners want to increase potential and sustainability of cross-border cooperation between local authorities, communities, public service, educational and cultural institutions and NGOs from the partner regions. Accordingly Polish-Ukrainian Forum of Experience Exchangeis going to be founded to overcome institutional and language barriers between potential partners, that used to plan joint projects but encountered difficulties of different type. The new platform will be based in Ropczyce with a branch office in Stryi. It will serve to exchange experience, showcase good practices and facilitate potential partners in many areas. Series of thematic meetings is planned with seminars, study visits and cultural events.

The list of activities includes also publication of reference books and joint magazines, development of a joint, bilingual website for the partner regions and trainings for the staff. The project accounts for the first joint initiative by Ropczycko-Sędziszowski poviat and the Stryi Raion that is supported by the European funds.