Lead partner country:

PRIORITY 1 - Increasing competitiveness of the border area

Cross-border system of investor acquiring Poland-Ukraine

Lead PartnerVolyn Regional Entrepreneurship Support Fund/ Lutsk (Ukraine)

Partnership Centre for Promoting Innovations and Development/ Białystok (Poland)

Total budget336 354,14 €

Programme Contribution302 718,73 €

Duration24 months

Measure1.1. Better conditions for entrepreneurship

Project ref. numberIPBU.01.01.00-78-677/11-00

The project partners have jointly undertaken the task to promote Podlaskie Voivodeship and Volyn Oblast as attractive areas for foreign investors. The activities related to the implementation of this plan will be coordinated by the established Cross-Border Investment Agency (TAI). Foreign investors have for years bypassed the areas located on the eastern border of the EU. The reason for this is that, inter alia, they do not have access to interesting and professional offers originating from these regions. Also, they are discouraged by the unfriendly investment climate. Although the employees of the central and voivodeship institutions have relevant expertise and experience, there is no suitable personnel to handle potential investors when dealing with municipal offices. The activities carried out under the project are aimed primarily to mitigate such barriers through the education of personnel in the local government units and simultaneous creation of a database of current investment offers. The Cross-Border Investment Agency was set up to deal with these tasks. Its employees, being in direct contact with local government units interested in cooperation, assist the officials of municipalities in creating or updating investment offers and organise trainings in the scope of investor's service standards, friendly image building of the municipality and the principles of creation of comprehensive investment offer.

The developed database with offers will be placed on the Agency's website in three languages (Polish, Ukrainian and English). The publication will be available in the TAI office in an electronic form (CD). The portal will also include basic information for those interested in investing, for example, legal basis and links to appropriate authorities. TAI will still work as a representative of local governments in dealing with investors after the completion of the project. Its role will be to find a potential investor, present investment offers of cross-border regions, select the most favourable locations, organise local inspection, present basic information about the municipality and, in the case of interest, make appointments with the authorities of the municipality and assist in negotiations. The office of the Agency will be formed in Volyn. It will employ the experts from both countries, and its area of activity will include both border regions.
According to the authors of the project, tangible socio-economic benefits for Volyn and Podlasie will appear within five years after the implementation of the project. It is expected that the value of investments in these regions will increase up to 204 million euros (in 2010, it was 170 million euros). This means the emergence of new jobs, change of the structure of employment and improvement of the quality of life of inhabitants. The functioning of the common agency for attracting investors in the cross-border area constitutes an important platform for strengthening cross-border cooperation and implementation of future projects. Partners envisage the extension of its area of influence.