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PRIORITY 2 - Improving the quality of life

Developing a Cross-Border System for Natural Hazards Management at the Polish-Ukrainian Border

Lead PartnerThe State Fire Service, Voivodship Headquarters in Lublin (Poland)

Partnership The Executive Board of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and Population Protection Against Chernobyl Accident Consequences in the Lviv Oblast (Ukraine)
The State Fire Service, Voivodship Headquarters in Rzeszów (Poland)

Total budget1 632 772,58 €

Programme Contribution1 469 495,32 €

Duration11 months

Measure2.1. Natural environment protection in the borderland

Project ref. numberIPBU.02.01.00-06-081/10

Insufficient rescue capacity of fire service units responsible for responding to natural hazards such as pollution, flood and fire, as well as the lack of permanent institutional and procedural basis for co-operation of Polish and Ukrainian fire service units on implementing a joint hazard management system, results in the problem of insufficiently effective actions for the prevention of natural hazards in the Polish - Ukrainian borderland.

The issue, therefore, calls for the creation of a Polish-Ukrainian platform for co-operation (including a joint working group) on the implementation of a cross-border natural hazard management system. This would enable Polish and Ukrainian rescue services to effectively analyze and synthesize information on and deal with potential hazards employing methodological guidelines, rescue equipment and joint rescue procedures.

The project implies the creation of the joint management system for cross-border rescue actions, establishing the joint Polish-Ukrainian working group, improving the capacity of rescue services with purchase of new rescue equipment, carrying out trainings for fire-fighters to operate the modern rescue equipment and conducting joint rescue simulation exercises.


Project has come to an end with following effects:

- purchasing of 7 specialized rescue pumpers: 4 heavy rescue vehicles (2 for each side of the border) and 3 aerial apparatuses for the Polish side.


- defining future prospects for cooperation between fire services in regions.

- taking part by 540 firemen and Ukrainian rescuers in the course together with 23 representatives of The State Fire Service from the Lubelskie and Podkarpackie Voivodeships.



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