Lead partner country:

PRIORITY 3 - Networking and people-to-people cooperation

Improvement of Work with Deviant Behaviour Teenagers

Lead PartnerBoard of Education of Brest Executive Committee (Belarus)

Partnership Drelov Municipality (Poland)
Volyn Regional Center of Social Services for Families (Ukraine)

Total budget302 029,00 €

Programme Contribution271 826,10 €

Duration18 months

Measure3.1. Regional and local cross-border cooperation capacity building

Project ref. numberIPBU.03.01.00-60-753/11-00

The main objective of the project is social adaptation of deviant behaviour teenagers in the frontier region by diffusion and implementation of the effective innovative experience of specialists in work with deviant teenagers.

The problem of the “awkward age” and related to it process of social adaptation, acquisition of the “adult status” conforming to the age comprehension with many possible negative consequences is typical per se for every country. Therefore application of reasonable corrections aimed at reduction of unlawful acts of teenagers,  will have the maximum effect, if the optimum conditions are set for summing up and diffusion of the most important experience and efficient techniques of work and assistance to teenagers inclined to breaking of the law.

As such, there are foreseen plenty of activities like making and distribution of methodic and information materials on effective work with “problem” teenagers, an international theoretical and practical conference on work with deviant teenagers for 30 persons,  Broadcast of advertising video reels in mass media during 3 months, “Teenager” Internet-site with the virtual club “Find Yourself”, 3 social adaptation centres “Find Yourself”, couple of conferences with science authorities, organization of a demonstrative mass event “Journey through Harmful Habits” for 75 persons and many more.

The project results will surely have a positive effect on all its members. The participation of children in it will allow to stabilize and improve the situation with their occupancy and the level of knowledge and skills, especially if that participation is socially useful, directed at enhancement of teenagers’ awareness of environmental and personal safety, maintenance of the healthy life-style, education on positive examples of social activity, an opportunity to make friends, communicate and do good deeds without trespassing the law.