Lead partner country:

PRIORITY 1 - Increasing competitiveness of the border area

Jarosław – Uzhhorod: common initiative for improving the touristic attractiveness of historical partner cities

Lead PartnerMunicipal Commune Jarosław (Poland)

Partnership ”Centre for innovation development, investment and tourism Agency of Uzhhorod” (Ukraine)
Executive Committee of Municipal Council of Uzhhorod (Ukraine)
Poviat of Jarosław (Poland)

Total budget2 062 277,20 €

Programme Contribution1 856 049,48 €

Duration24 months

Measure1.2. Tourism development

Project ref. numberIPBU.01.02.00-18-354/11-00

Every year in mid-November, Polish and Ukrainian wine makers from the Carpathian region invite the residents of Uzhorod and the tourists to the festival of young wine called „Zakarpackie Bożole". This is one of the tourist attractions, created as part of the cross-border project. The wines from trans-Carpathian region have a long tradition. In the eighteenth century they were exported to Poland, Prussia and Russia, where they were valued not less than the Hungarian Tokay. In those days, many buildings in Uzhgorod served as wine storehouses. One of these buildings located in the town centre, today called "Owl's Nest", has been renovated with the project funds and adapted for social, cultural and tourist purposes. The basement of this building is where the wine tradition has now been revived. Those who participate in the festival can also visit the permanent exhibition of wine. The second floor comprises folk crafts exhibition rooms, art gallery, conference room and Tourist Information Centre.

Jarosław partner city has also received a unique tourist attraction thanks to the project. It is an underground passage under three historic townhouses in the Market Square. The route runs through the cellars, which in the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries served as merchant warehouses, as Jaroslaw was located on the merchant trail and was famous for its fairs which attracted numerous merchants from Europe and Asia. The history of these fairs is presented in one of the multimedia exhibitions in the cellar. There are also exhibitions presenting the history of Jaroslaw and Uzhgorod.

The works associated with the preparation and implementation of the project turned out to be inspirational for the partners. Already at the stage of working meetings, the ideas were presented to organize joint cultural events, e.g. folk crafts presentations, workshops of disappearing crafts, food festivals, local product markets, art and photographic exhibitions of young artists from Poland and Ukraine. Promoting and facilitating access to cultural heritage is not only conducive to the development of tourism, but also stimulating for economic initiatives of cross-border communities. The project will contribute to satisfying their need of recreation, entertainment and cultural aspirations. Strengthened sense of identification with local tradition may prevent young people from migration to large cities.