Lead partner country:

PRIORITY 2 - Improving the quality of life

Preservation of the ecosystems of the Bug River valley on the border-territory of Poland, Belarus and Ukraine

Lead PartnerGmina Hanna (Poland)

Partnership Town Council of Shatsk (Ukraine)

Total budget4 062 125,38 €

Programme Contribution3 655 912,84 €

Duration24 months

Measure2.1. Natural environment protection in the borderland

Project ref. numberIPBU.02.01.00-06-489/11-00

The primary aim of the project is to protect the unique ecosystem of the valley Bug through the modernization of the collection, treatment and discharge of wastewater on the project area on the Polish and Ukrainian side. The existing mechanical-biological sewage treatment plants currently are not fulfilling task of purity and efficiency standards.

Implementation of a project will include the modernization or reconstruction of existing facilities as well as the implementation of new wastewater treatment plant components such as  construction of the sanitary sewage system and sewage system connections in the villages of Kuzawka, Hanna (within those ranges it will be done sanitary connections to 60 buildings in the amount of 68 pieces) and Shatsk, modernization sewage pumping station, building block of sedimentary reconstruction of existing wastewater treatment facility and other.

Beneficiaries of the Project are residents of the Hanna municipality and town Shatsk , who will be connected to the new sewerage system and tourists visiting the area and around the state by improving the environment