Lead partner country:

PRIORITY 1 - Increasing competitiveness of the border area

Polish - Ukrainian cooperation for the development of tourism in the border area

Lead PartnerGmina Leśniowice (Poland)

Partnership Municipality Huszcza (Ukraine)
Association of Local Action Group "Ziemia Chełmska” (Poland)
Municipality Wojsławice (Poland)
Municipality Dorohusk (Poland)
Municipality Żmudź (Poland)

Total budget2 926 576,89 €

Programme Contribution2 605 970,31 €

Duration24 months

Measure1.2. Tourism development

Project ref. numberIPBU.01.02.00-06-709/11-00

In summer 2015 four Polish municipalities and one Ukrainian, situated in the border regions, will have a new interesting offer for those who prefer agritourism to the popular and noisy holiday destination places. As a result, the implementation of the cross-border project on the natural bays in the Chełm county and over the lake Huszcza recreation infrastructure facilities and access roads to them will be built. At the end of 2014 investment in Polish villages Husynne and Wojsławice was put to use. In Husynne (municipality Dorohusk) a road to the water reservoir was built, a bridge by the lagoon, equipment and facilities for the development of the surroundings were purchased. A promenade, children's playground and place for artistic performances (in total 2350 m2), a walking bridge together with bridges for vessels, as well as wooden shelter for grilling were created over the lagoon in Wojsławice. Pontoons, pedal boats and canoes were purchased. Dębowy Las Lagoon in Wołkowiany (municipality Żmudź) is a paradise for anglers. As much as 27 bridges, including two with a length of 25 m were built for them.

In addition, there will be two pitches for volleyball, a campground will be developed, sanitary buildings will rise, shelters, barbecue areas, solar lanterns will be installed. You can already reach Dębowy Las on a paved road. Maczuły lagoon in the village Horodysko (municipality Leśniowice) is being developed with the thought of safe family holiday over the water. A pier and beach are under construction there, walking paths over the banks of reservoir are developed. Canoes and pedal boats will be waiting for tourists in the rental place, a slide will be built for children. The safety of campers will be ensured by a lifeguard featuring a speedboat and life jackets. The investment project also includes the upgrading of municipal roads and parking lots. Well equipped sports and recreation center is also under construction on the other side of the border over the Huszcza lake. It will have a fenced, lit and guarded campsite with social and sanitary infrastructure, large parking, beach and pitches.

The creation of the project was made possible thanks to the long-term cooperation of Polish municipalities Dorohusk, Leśniowice, Wojsławice and Żmudź, which in 2007 formed the association "Local Action Group of Chełm Land" in order to better use its tourist, cultural, historical assets. The association invited the hosts of Huszcza municipality which is in the neighborhood with Dorohusk municipality to participate in a cross-border project. Both communities for years have been connected by cultural, educational cooperation and good-neighborly relations between the inhabitants. The project provides a lot of activities aiming at the integration of inhabitants of border communities. Five common outdoor events were planned in the newly established holiday resorts on the bays, cyclic culinary and handicraft workshops, outdoor art workshops and feasts. The facilities for the organization of the cross-border events is a Meeting House "Na pograniczu kultur" (eng. "On the border of cultures"), created next to the primary school in Kumów Plebański in Leśniowice municipality. Renovation of the building and equipment of the House was funded from the project's funds. Partners have already shared plans of action for the next years. They have been outlined in the strategy of development of tourism and cross-border cooperation.