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PRIORITY 2 - Improving the quality of life

Improvement of the condition of natural environment in the Polish-Ukrainian borderland by performing thermomodernization of public utility buildings in Sokołów Podlaski Commune and in the City of Novoyavorivsk

Lead PartnerSokołów Podlaski Commune (Poland)

Partnership City Council of Novoyavorivsk (Ukraine)

Total budget758 432,55 €

Programme Contribution682 589,29 €

Duration18 months

Measure2.1. Natural environment protection in the borderland

Project ref. numberIPBU.02.01.00-14-427/11-00

The main objective of the project is protection and improvement of the condition of natural environment, as well as strengthening of cross-border cooperation in the Polish-Ukrainian borderland.
The project therefore aims at solve problem of a pollution of the environment generated by public utility buildings, which are badly thermoinsulated and consume great amounts of fuel materials, which in turn release harmful gases and dusts to the environment. Besides, that increases running costs of those facilities. That situation also has a detrimental influence on the users of the facilities, who are the target group of the project.

In case of that, the joint activities includes improvement of the modernization of 6 public utility buildings in Sokołów Podlaski Commune and City of Novoyavorivsk, a training workshops concerning air and environment protection for children and teachers as well as parents of the children conduted in Poland and Ukraine, two conferences for self-government officials when they may exchange of experiences and knowledge about good ecological practices and an information and promotion picnic “Good practices concerning ecology and environmental protection on the territory of Sokołów Podlaski Commune”.
The above-mentioned scope of activities shall allow for enhancing cross-border bonds between the partners and exchange of experience concerning environmental protection issues. It will also be an opportunity to impart a positive example and practical information on protection and improvement of the condition of the natural environment to students of education institutions of the territory covered by the project.