Lead partner country:

PRIORITY 3 - Networking and people-to-people cooperation

Medical institutions co-operation in Belarus and Poland to improve the access to medical service and its quality within emergency service as well as stroke incidents diagnostics and treatment

Lead PartnerAutonomous Public Health Maintenance Organisation J. Śniadecki Voivodship Polyclinical Hospital in Białystok (Poland)

Partnership Grodno Regional Clinical Hospital (Belarus)

Total budget 3 813 321,80 €

Programme Contribution3 431 989,62 €

Duration18 months

Measure3.1. Regional and local cross-border cooperation capacity building

Project ref. numberIPBU.03.01.00-20-719/11


The main goal of the project is to exchange knowledge and medical services improvement in their access and quality in assistance provision in emergency cases as well as diagnostics and treatment of strokes in the Poland Belarus borderland.The implementation of the project will allow faster patient diagnosis and thus faster rescue action in the most serious cases. In addition, the equipment purchased under the project and based on the latest technological solutions, will contribute to the expansion of co-operation between the hospitals in Białystok and Grodno through electronic data transfer.The target group will be the hospital staff, particularly, the doctors participating in the project. The hospitals in Białystok and Grodno and their medical staff will benefit directly from the implementation of the project. The project’s final beneficiaries include the patients of partner hospitals, mainly the inhabitants of Polish-Belarusian borderland but also tourists and all those in need of immediate medical consultation.The project implementation will be beneficial to the partner hospitals staff who will be able to improve their skills. The purchased equipment will make doctors’ job easier and positively affect their working conditions. The other benefiting group is the borderland inhabitants who are the potential patients and the travellers in the area who might need emergency consultation or have an accident.