Lead partner country:

PRIORITY 2 - Improving the quality of life

Development of the transgenic cooperation in the aim of the protection of people and environment in the border area of Poland and Belarus

Lead PartnerLosice District (Poland)

Partnership Brest Regional Board of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus (Belarus)
Administrative District Sarnaki (Poland)
Administrative District Olszanka (Poland)
Administrative District Platerow (Poland)
Administrative District Stara Kornica (Poland)
County Headquarter of the State Fire Brigade in Losice (Poland)

Total budget2 257 240,00 €

Programme Contribution2 031 516,00 €

Duration18 months

Measure2.1. Natural environment protection in the borderland

Project ref. numberIPBU.02.01.00-14-674_11

The purpose of this project is an improvement in the quality of inhabitants’ living by increasing the safety of people, possessions and the environment in the transgenic area of Poland and Belarus.

Among the problems of transgenic area provided with this project are : low  lewel of the environmental protection in the transgenic area of Poland and Belarus, insufficient effectiveness of  rescue – firefightingaction,  in transgenic area, as well as low grade of the cooperation of rescue services of Poland and Belarus. Everything is causing that transgenic regions of Belarus and Poland are not very attractive and not very accessible to potential investors from foreign countries.

7 OSP units are a target group of the conducted undertaking   from the land of the Losice district  included to the domestic rescue-firefighting system  into   the County Headquarters of National Firebrigade Station   in Losicach, and on the Belorusian side cars will find their way to four units in Brest.

The whole of the society inhabiting the Losice and Brest district will be the  final beneficiaries of the project   (appropriately 33 498 and 1 398 700 inhabitants).

The population will be provided with the better protection before results of dangerous events which can be an effect of the breakdown of vehicles in the car and train transport or objects storing or processing dangerous materials.

The project is affecting problems of the low stage of the environmental protection  in the transgenic area of Poland and Belarus; of insufficient effectiveness of the rescue –firefighting action of the rescue units in transgenic area; of the low stage of the cooperation of rescue services of Poland and Belarus.

The purchase of the equipment will contribute to the improvement in the safety of  the final beneficiaries through the fact that fire brigade unit  will be able to react to possible  events which can threaten life or health of people.