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Third call for proposals

Call for Proposals – download the file

Application Pack documents for the third Call for Proposals are available below:

Attention: The Joint Monitoring Committee approved the English version of the documents pack, therefore the English translation is the official translation and takes precedence over other national versions (Polish, Russian and Ukrainian). The national translations are solely for informational purposes.

Guidelines for Applicants – download the file

Annex A – Application Form – download the file

Attention: English language Application Form is to be filled out in Polish, Russian, Ukrainian or in English. Annexes B, C and D are to be filled out in two languages: in the language used for filling in the Application Form and in English. Annex E is to be filled out in English.  Annexes A1-A8 (supporting documents) are to be filled out in Polish, Russian or Ukrainian.

Annexes A4, A7 – download the file 

Annex B – Project Budget – download the file

Annex C – Logical Framework- download the file

Annex D – Description of a micro-project – download the file

Annex E - English summary of the Umbrella Project - download the file

Annex F – Grant Contract (Special Conditions) – download the file

Attachments to the Grant Contract:

Annex II – General Conditions – download the file

Annex IV – Contract award procedures – download the file

Annex V – Standard Request for Payment – download the file

Annex VI – Model financial and narrative reports - NEW TEMPLATES OF THE REPORTS APPROVED BY THE JOINT MONITORING COMMITTEE'S DECISION OF 18 FEBRUARY 2013 - go to the new page

Annex VII – Expenditure Verification for a Grant Contract – download the file

Annex VIII – Pre-financing Guarantee Form – download the file 

Annex IX - Transfer of ownership of assets - download the file 

Annex H – Assumptions for the Partnership Agreement – download the file

Annex I – The map of the Programme Area – download the file