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Priority 3. Networking and people-to-people cooperation.

The focus of Priority 3 is on actions promoting and supporting cross-border cooperation in terms of institutional capacity building as well as local initiatives supporting people-to-people cooperation. The priority 2 will include the following measures:

The priority 3 will include the following measures:

Measure 3.1. Regional and local cross-border cooperation capacity building

Measure 3.2. Local communities’ initiatives

The goal of Measure 3.1 is to improve the cross-border cooperation capacity at the local and regional level. Support is planned mainly for activities aimed at increasing the institutional cooperation. It is expected to develop as a result of the creation of institutional forms of cross-border cooperation. Information exchange, experience sharing and networking cooperation will be promoted, including internet-based projects.

The overall objective is the social, scientific, educational and cultural integration of the border area. Within the scope of Measure 3.2, it is intended to support citizens’ crossborder contacts and social initiatives, scientific and educational cooperation, and cultural and sporting events. Cross-border cooperation between schools and higher education institutions, including exchanges of students, pupils, teachers and scientists, and conferences and scientific seminars, will be supported. Support will also be provided for projects directed towards the development of social initiatives, cultural and sports events. Projects aimed at the promotion and cultivation of the common traditions of the borderland areas will also be eligible for assistance. Favourable conditions will be created with a view to facilitating mutual contacts between bordering communities. Assistance is also planned for projects concerning cultural diversity and national minorities, as well as the development of the civil society and local communities in its broader sense.