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Eligible area:

The programme area consists of cooperation areas and adjacent cooperation areas and it includes the following administrative units:

  • in Poland: Krosniensko-przemyski sub-region (in Podkarpackie voivodship), Bialostocko-suwalski sub-region (in Podlaskie voivodship), Bialskopodlaski and Chelmsko-zamojski sub-regions (in Lubelskie voivodship), Ostrolecko-siedlecki sub-region (in Mazowieckie voivodship) and also as adjacent cooperation areas: Rzeszowsko-tarnobrzeski sub-region (in Podkarpackie voivodship), Lomzynski sub-region (in Podlaskie voivodship), and Lubelski sub-region (in Lubelskie voivodship)
  • in Belarus: Grodno Oblast, Brest Oblast, seven western districts of Minsk Oblast: Miadel, Vileika, Molodechno, Volozhin, Stolbtsy, Niesvizh, Kletsk and as adjacent cooperation areas: eastern part of the Minsk Oblast (15 districts and the city of Minsk) and Gomel Oblast
  • in Ukraine: Lvivska, Volynska, Zakarpatska Oblasts and as adjacent cooperation areas: Rivnenska, Ternopilska and Ivano-Frankivska Oblasts

Investment activities (infrastructure) will be financed only in the cooperation areas.

Investment (infrastructure) project means:

  • each project which requires building permission or
  • each project with investment costs (works, supply) worth more than 20 % of the total direct eligible costs and at least 60 000 EUR.


The total value of activities financed in the adjacent cooperation areas may not be higher than 20% of total programme budget (such activities and their value have to be clearly specified and characterized in the Application Form).