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Priority 1. Increasing competitiveness of the border area

The focus of Priority 1 is on actions promoting and supporting better conditions for entrepreneurship, tourism development and transport connectivity

The priority 1 will include the following measures:

Measure 1.1. Better conditions for entrepreneurship

Measure 1.2. Tourism development

Measure 1.3. Improving access to the region

Measure 1.1 aims at improving the conditions for business development. Improvement of the quality and accessibility of infrastructure, including new technologies infrastructure, contributes to increasing the area’s investment attractiveness, for both internal and external investors. Measure 1.1 will also promote soft-type activities aimed at the socio-economic development of the eligible area. Support will be provided for activities targeting among others: regional marketing, trade and investment promotion, SME development, the development of local and regional labour markets, the development of an information society, new technologies, improvement of cooperation between research and business institutions, the socio-economic and environmental rehabilitation of technologically transformed and contaminated areas.

The main goal of Measure 1.2 is to improve and fully utilise the tourist potential of the region. The programme area has potential for tourism development, including agrotourism, due to various natural environmental conditions and cultural heritage sites, but tourist infrastructure requires improvement. Support will therefore focus on the development of tourist infrastructure and services. Measure 1.2 will also promote “soft” activities targeting inter alia: regional promotion, tourism and agro-tourism development and the protection of cultural heritage.

The activities supported within Measure 1.3 include improvements in the quality and accessibility of the social and economic infrastructure, with a focus on transport, energy, logistic systems, transport safety and water supply. Infrastructure development will improve potential investors’ access to the area, raise the living standards of inhabitants, and boost the tourist and economic attractiveness of the border areas.