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According to article 2 (7) of Commission Regulation (EC) No.951/2007 of 9 August 2007 laying down implementing rules for cross-border cooperation programmes financed under Regulation (EC) No.1638/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council laying down general provisions establishing a European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument, the Large Scale (strategic) Projects are ‘projects comprising a set of works, activities or services intended to fulfil an indivisible function of a precise nature pursuing clearly identified objectives of common interest for the purposes of implementing cross-border investments’.

According to article 4 of Implementing Rules large-scale cross-border investment projects are not selected through calls for proposals, but are identified jointly by participating countries, in agreement with the European Commission. Article 4 provides that these projects shall be specifically mentioned in the programme or be selected at a later stage by the Joint Monitoring Committee provided that they are consistent with the programme's priorities and measures and that there is a budget specifically for this purpose.

Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2007-2013 provides that in measure 2.2 co-financing of strategic projects concerning new border crossings and modernization of existing border crossings is planned. These projects will be selected and agreed at a later stage by the Joint Monitoring Committee. The selection procedures for these projects will be compliant with Practical Guide to Contract Procedures for EC external actions (PRAG) and based on fully documented project proposals. The programme also makes a stipulation that support for border crossings will be provided in addition to the border infrastructure development projects financed within the External Borders Fund and that any overlapping of financing between the two programmes will be excluded.

Large Scale Projects shall be directly related to the programme, its priorities and measures, crucial for the development of the Programme area, have a clear cross-border effect, have an investment (infrastructure) character, have support from the national/regional level authorities in a form of a written statements, be coherent with national/regional development strategic documents, the beneficiary must be clearly identified as the only one being able to implement it.

Joint Monitoring Committee set up the special Joint Task Force to identify the Large Scale Projects. On 20 October 2009 the first meeting of the Joint Task Force took place in the premises of the Joint Technical Secretariat. The aim of the meeting was to discuss and to approve Large Scale Projects Working Paper and LSP Project Summary and  to develop the draft shortlist of the Large Scale Projects.

Joint Task Force recommended a list of Large Scale Projects which should be implemented under Measure 2.2. The Joint Monitoring Committee on 3 November 2009 approved the Large Scale Projects Working Paper and LSP Project Summary. The projects which were identified as strategic by the Joint Task Force are invited to submit their Project Summary.