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Priority 2. Improving the quality of life

The Priority 2 is focused on management of environmental threats and actions promoting sustainable economic use of natural resources, development of renewable energy sources and energy saving, as well as increasing the efficiency of border infrastructure and procedures and improving border security.

The priority 2 will include the following measures:

Measure 2.1. Natural environment protection in the borderland

Measure 2.2. Efficient and secure borders

Measure 2.1 aims at protecting and improve the quality of the natural environment. Improvement of the quality of the natural environment contributes to increasing inhabitants’ living standards as well as boosting the area’s tourist and investment attractiveness. This goal will be achieved mainly through investment in environmental infrastructure for regional or local impact and the improvement of cross-border cooperation on environmental protection.

Measure 2.2 has the objective of increasing the efficiency of border infrastructure and procedures and to improve border security. A higher throughput capacity at border crossing points and their security are critical for the achievement of the programme’s objectives. In order to better utilise and expand the social and economic potential within the programme area, it is necessary to alleviate the administrative, institutional and infrastructural obstacles to the free movement of goods, services and people across borders.