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Programme Management

In order to implement the Programme the following joint structures have been set up:

−      Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC)

−      Joint Managing Authority (JMA)

−      Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS)


Joint Monitoring Committee

The Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC), comprising representatives of cooperation areas, central authorities and a representatives appointed by each participating country, is responsible for the quality and efficiency of the implementation of the Programme. The body takes decisions by consensus. As such, it takes, in particular, the following decisions concerning the Programme:

  • it approves the work programmes of the JMA and the JTS and reviews the management decisions taken by the Joint Managing Authority;
  • appoints the members of the Evaluation Committees,
  • decides the selection criteria to be applied and the final choice of the projects and grant amounts;
  • decides on the amounts and on the allocation of funds and resources for technical assistance including human resources;
  • reviews all the reports submitted by the Joint Managing Authority and takes the appropriate measures if necessary;
  • at each of its meetings and on the basis of the documents submitted by the Joint Managing Authority, it evaluates and monitors accomplished progress to achieve the objectives of the Programme;
  • examines the contentious cases of recovery notified by the Joint Managing Authority. 

Rules of Procedure for the JMC

JMC members from Poland - download the file (PDF)
JMC members from Belarus - download the file (PDF)

JMC members from Ukraine - download the file (PDF)

Joint Managing Authority

The function of the Joint Managing Authority (JMA) is fulfilled by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development of Poland. The JMA is responsible for the implementation of the programme in accordance with the principles of sound financial management, economy, efficiency and effectiveness as well as for the legality and regularity of its operations. To this end, the body puts in place appropriate audit, control and accounting systems and standards. Operational management functions and financial management functions have been organized and carried out separately within the JMA. The Minister of Infrastructure and  Development of Poland is the head of the Joint Managing Authority. The particular tasks of the JMA comprise:

  • the approval of contracts to be signed,
  • setting up the monitoring system where the data on implementation necessary for financial management, monitoring, verifications, audits and evaluation are collected,
  • managing the technical assistance budget,
  • the operational follow-up and the financial management of the projects, including the immediate notification of the Joint Monitoring Committee of all cases of contentious recoveries,
  • the drawing-up of the operational annual reports and the financial reports and sending them to the Joint Monitoring Committee and to the Commission,
  • preparing and implementation of the annual audit programme of the projects,
  • establishing the accounts of the programme, receiving payments from the EC and their transferring to beneficiaries and contractors. 

Joint Technical Secretariat:

The Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) has been established by the JMA in order to assist the JMA in the daily management of the programme. The JTS employs Polish, Belarusian and Ukrainian citizens. Currently there are 18 persons employed at the JTS. Functions, fulfilled by the JTS are as follows:

  • organisation and secretariat of the Joint Monitoring Committee meetings,
  • preparation of the application pack and other documentation, according to templates annexed to the Practical Guide to Contract Procedures for EC external actions, if necessary amended in order to reflect the specificities of cross-border cooperation,
  • launching calls for proposals and calls for tenders,
  • receipt and registration of project applications,
  • participation in the project evaluation process, organization and secretariat functions of the Evaluation Committees,
  • preparation of the contracts to be signed by the JMA and verification of all the necessary documentation,
  • receiving and verifying the requests for payments and reports, submitted by the beneficiaries,
  • carrying out on the spot checks (upon decision of the JMA),
  • implementation of the information and communication plan,
  • other tasks supporting JMA in its day-to-day implementation of the Programme

In order to ensure appropriate publicity and provide appropriate information to potential applicants and beneficiaries, the JTS Branch Offices have been set up in Brest (Belarus) and Lviv (Ukraine). Number of staff in each JTS Branch office is 3 persons. The competences of branch offices include the following tasks implemented under the supervision of the JMA and JTS: the implementation of the information and communication plan, support in the organisation of the meetings of the Joint Monitoring Committee, collection of data to improve the monitoring of projects and other tasks supporting JMA and JTS in their day-to-day implementation of the Programme