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Partners, eligible area

Is public–private partnership eligible in the current call for proposals?

Please be informed that ineligibility of one of the partners results in project's rejection. All the applicants and all the partners have to fulfil the eligibility criteria presented in the point 2.1.1. and 2.1.2 of Guidelines for applicants.

May a micro-enterprise act as an applicant?

According to the point 2.2.4 of Guidelines for applicants staff of Joint Technical Secretariat/Joint Managing Authority cannot give opinion on the eligibility of applicants, partners, projects or specific actions.

Can activities covering repair works be performed in the adjacent area?


Activities of infrastructural nature (any work performed on the object, i.e. building construction, reconstruction, expansion, reconstruction, assembly, repair or demolition of a building object, etc.) can be carried out only in the main area.