Polowce (PL) - Pieszczatka (BY): from the local, bilateral Polish - Belarusian crossing into the international road border crossing.


The Programme supports infrastructural development of the road border crossing Polowce - Peschatka. Currently only citizens of Poland and Belarus may cross the border this way and only in passenger cars. In two years time it is planned to open an international border crossing available also for trucks and buses regardless of citizenship. The new crossing is partly financed by the Programme with the grant of 4 856 044,67 euro. On 21 February the construction site was visited by the Project Steering Group including Maciej Żywno - the Podlaski Voivode, Irina Bolotina - the Head of International Technical Assistance Programs Monitoring Division from the Minsk Central Custom House, Leszek Czech - Commander of the Podlaskie Division of Border Guards and Mirosław Sienkiewicz - Director of the Bialystok Custom House. They could already see 12 buildings financed by the Programme including the main building, buildings for detailed inspection, pavilions for passenger car clearance, a guard's pavilion and shelters.  

The new crossing will have a totally new daily capacity of 2000 passenger cars, 50 buses and 200 trucks (up to 7,5 t) in both directions. Simultaneously the Programme is financing the symmetrical project "Construction and instrumentation of the road border checkpoint ‘Peschatka' - stage III" with a grant of 10 900 000,00 euro. The works on the Belarusian side started at the end of February.