The open air for young volunteer rescue workers from Ukraine, Poland and Belarus.


During 26-31 July 2013, in Svityaz village, Shatsk district of Volyn region, the plain-air for young volunteer rescue workers from Volyn Oblast (Ukraine), Brest Oblast (Belarus) and Podlaskie Voivodeship (Poland) took place. The event was organized by the State Emergency Service in the Volyn Oblast and Volyn Oblast Organization "Volunteer Firefighters Society" in cooperation with the Department for Education and Science of Volyn oblast Administration. The event was a part of the project "Youth of the cross border area - standing together for safety." (IPBU.03.01.00-60-754/11).

The purpose of the plain-air was to exchange experience between youth volunteer organizations of the three countries, working on promotion of healthy lifestyle, safety rules, as well as increase in number of volunteers in Ukraine. The participants of the event were children aged 7 to 17 years.

During the plan-air children created drawings, posters and handicraft works to promote safety, participated in competitions and quizzes on the best knowledge of actions in emergency situations and first aid actions. Volunteers and rescue workers also held educational events for the holidaymakers at the Svityaz Lake to explain to adults and children safety rules. They also provided practical trainings on first aid using a special computerized mannequin, videos and printed issues. During their free time, the children enjoyed relaxing on beautiful Svityaz Lake, a famous natural landmark in Volyn.

The plain-air was a logical continuation of the long-term cooperation between Volyn rescue workers, Volyn Oblast organization "Volunteer Firefighters Society", young volunteers from schools, their colleagues and friends from Poland and Belarus.