Simplification of the project modifications process.


The Joint Technical Secretariat would like to inform of simplification of the project modifications process. The changes include:

  • - Request forms have been supplemented by an instruction how to fill in the forms
  • - Detailed information on reallocated amounts shall be indicated in Budget Reallocation Table only (excel file);
  • - The Form 3 has been cancelled.

The changes shall be introduced by filling in one of the two available templates (previously three templates were applied) i.e. changes under 15% of the budget heading or Other changes (including also changes over 15%).

Detailed description of the process including modified templates are available in section For beneficiaries -> Changes to implementation of the projects

We would like to encourage you to use new templates. Nevertheless, since the amendment is aimed at improvement of the process of project modification, the JTS will be still accepting the old templates of the forms.