Rzeszów has exchanged its best practices with partners from Ukraine


Over 50 people attended the meeting for networking cooperation with Ukraine. The event took place from 4 to 6 February in Rzeszów. The good practices were exchanged between the government staff and councilors from Rzeszów, Ivano - Frankivsk and Luck. The cross-border meeting was organised in the framework of the "Joint cooperation network in the cultural and social sphere in favour of the development of the cities of Polish -Ukrainian border", funded by the European Union.

The participants exchanged experiences in the functioning of local governments, raising external funds and resources relevant to international cooperation. Of particular interest was a lecture on the operation of social welfare institutions in Rzeszów. The partners from Ukraine were also keenly interested in the structure and principles of organization of local governments in Poland. Independent experts such as the academics of University of Rzeszów and experienced practitioners of EU projects were responsible for the substantive side of the meeting. As part of the event, the guests from Ukraine also visited Rzeszów cultural institutions, including the Youth Culture and Culture Incubator.

During the third day of the meeting, there was a panel discussion with the participation of councillors from Rzeszów, Ivano - Frankivsk and Luck. The councillors discussed the issues related to the functioning of local governments, the European Union funds as well as innovative solutions and the models of cross-border cooperation between partner cities. Each city presented two practices that were worth to be followed. Among them, Rzeszów projects related to the promotion of ecology among children and adolescents, the design of the international tourist route from Lutsk, and the example of the Youth Executive Council, based in Ivano-Frankivsk. The practices that are worth imitating and implementing in other cities will be selected from among the presented practices. The conclusions from the meeting will contribute to the development of "Cross-border Cooperation Programme Network for Rzeszów, Ivano - Frankivsk and Luck for the years 2014 - 2020". In 2014, there will be two more meetings for networking cooperation in Lutsk, Ivano- Frankivsk. They will be devoted to cross-border cooperation in the field of culture and social welfare.