International conference on restoration of the water connection between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea to take place in Brest


On 27-28 March 2014, Brest regional executive committee will host an international inaugural conference and first session of the Commission on the development of the E40 waterway on the Dnieper-Vistula section. The list of invitees includes representatives of international organizations, diplomatic missions, Ministries of Transport, Infrastructure and Development, Ministries of Nature and Environmental Protection, water management departments, regional and local authorities from territories through which the E40 waterway passes, as well as Euroregions, research institutions, public organizations from Belarus, Poland, Ukraine and Germany.


E40 waterway connects the basins of the Baltic and the Black Seas; at the present moment, E40 waterway is only used on the section from Brest to Kherson, because section from Brest to Warsaw along the Zapadnyi Bug river is not navigable. A recently launched EU-funded project “Restoration of the E40 waterway on the Dnieper-Vistula section: from strategy to planning” aims to develop a comprehensive feasibility study for the E40 restoration, to identify the most economically efficient and environmentally friendly scenario for the waterway restoration, to establish a permanent Commission on the development of the E40 waterway on the Dnieper-Vistula section, as well as to promote the idea of the E40 restoration on the national and international level. The conference in Brest will be held as part of this project.

First day of the conference will feature key speeches of experts from three countries on the significance of the E40 waterway and prospects for its development. On the first day, the conference participants will also visit infrastructure objects of the Dnepro-Bug waterway where they will get introduced to the recently reconstructed hydraulic facilities of the E40 waterway. Second day of the conference will feature establishment of working group of the Commission on the development of the E40 restoration on the Dnieper-Vistula section, as well as discussion of the technical requirements for the subcontractor who will develop the feasibility study for the E40 restoration. Working groups will be divided by topic: “Development of water transport and cross-border economic development”, “E40 waterway in the context of spatial planning of cross-border regions”, “Cross-border water resources and ecology”, “Promotion of idea of the E40 waterway restoration at the European, national and regional level”. One of the planned outputs of the conference will be an adopted declaration on support of activities aimed at restoration of the E40 waterway restoration.

In case of any questions related to participation in the conference, please feel free to contact Mr. Andrey Rekesh, Secretary of Commission’s Organizing Committee, tel. +375 (165) 30-11-76, +375 (44) 785-13-58, email:

Press conference for mass media representatives with participation of high-ranking representatives of international organizations, ministries and regional authorities will take place on 27 March at 15.30 in the Brest regional executive committee. Mass media accreditation: mass media representatives are kindly asked to send brief information (name of the mass media, contact person, phone number and email) to Ms. Marina Borisova, project’s communication and visibility manager at (tel. +375 (17) 237-48-40, +375 (29) 873-35-82).


Information: project “Restoration of the E40 waterway on the Dnieper-Vistula section: from strategy to planning” is being implemented within the Poland-Belarus-Ukraine cross-border cooperation programme for 2007-2013. The programme is funded by the European Union within the European Partnership and Neighbourhood Instrument. Project partners: Republican unitary maintenance and construction enterprise "Dnepro-Bug  Waterway" (Lead Partner, Belarus), Brest Regional (Oblast) Executive Committee (Belarus), Local Foundation for Promotion of International Dialogue and Cooperation “Interakcia” (Belarus), Volyn Regional Department of Water Resources (Ukraine), Public Organization “Volyn Association of Scientists and Innovators” (Ukraine), Marshal Office of the Lubelskie Voivodeship in Lublin (Poland), Association for regional and local development “Progress” (Poland).