Simplification of the reporting procedure


We would like to inform all our Beneficiaries that the following steps of simplification of the reporting procedure has been agreed with the Joint Managing Authority:

1) Financial Report - in Annex A-2 “Sources of funding” the amounts for project contributions - the lines “Beneficiary's financial contribution” and “Partner's .. financial contribution”- can be presented jointly for the whole project without breaking down into beneficiary and each partner. It means that the amounts in the columns: “Amount incurred in the reporting period (in EUR)”, “Cumulated costs (before current report) (in EUR)”, “Cumulated costs (from start of implementation to present report included) (in EUR)”, “Declared amount for the project (in EUR)”, “Progress indicator (%)”, “Declared amount (%)” do not have to be broken down by Beneficiary and Partner(s) any more. “Project financial contribution” shall be put down in the proportion as set in the Grant Contract;


2) Individual Financial Report - Separate financial reports, which are submitted from beneficiary and partner(s) to their auditor(s) to check the separate financial reports do not have to encompass all the Annexes (as in the consolidated financial report) but may include only tables A-4 and A-5 (applicable to the new templates of reports).


We would like to encourage you to consider the above simplification during the preparatory of financial reports.