Polish-Ukrainian meeting of cultures


Inhabitants of the ropczycko-sędziszowski district and guests from Ukraine had the opportunity to participate in two-day artistic events, organized by the district as part of the project entitled "Polish-Ukrainian Forum of Exchange of Experience as a way to sustainable and effective cross-border cooperation". The project is implemented in partnership with the Stryi raion in Ukraine. On March 21, 2015 auditorium of the Ropczyce Cultural Centre was the site of the theatre performances. On March 22 a review of song and dance ensembles and folk bands took place. The official opening of the meeting was attended by representatives of local authorities and parliamentarians.

On the first day the scene belonged to the actors. The first one was a team Dzhereltse from the Morshyn School of Art with humorous and national Ukrainian songs. Musicians delighted with colourful, original Ukrainian costumes. Great sound, unique artistic setting charmed the audience, who rewarded the performance with thunderous applause. Then the theatrical group Klęczańscy Żeńcy from Klęczany appeared on stage with the performance entitled "Klęczańskie Wesele 1909", the script of which was created on the basis of authentic events. Thanks to the wonderful scenery and acting, audience for a moment could move to the beginning of the twentieth century. Verbal fun, searching for ourselves in the world, taking care of selfishness, were in turn the leitmotif of authorial spectacle "Mojość" performed by artists of the Theatre "Sędziszek".

March 22 was also a great celebration of local culture. At the Sports and Entertainment Hall in Ropczyce performed teams such as: "Rochy", "Halicz", "Wrzos", "Wiercany", "Bardo", "Paka Sędzisza" Folk Band "Kurasie", Niedźwiedzanie, Kapela z Nawsia, as well as children bands: Folk Revue from Ropczyce and "Biedronki" from Wola Ociecka. A great applause of audience was caused by the performance of guests from Ukraine- excellent team Dzhereltse from the Morshyn School of Art and the violinist Rostislav Fedynets that stunned with his lively game and artistic craftsmanship. In addition to performances a presentation of handicrafts, arts and crafts, and traditional local products prepared by the associations, farmer's wives' associations, and local manufacturers was presented. Traditional handicraft workshops were also presented by exhibitors from Ukraine. All participants of the Polish-Ukrainian cultural events had the opportunity to taste local products, including the wonderful "pierogi oszukańce" (note from the translator: dumplings with stuffing consisting of barley, mushrooms, and spices, which are supposed to taste and look like a traditional dumpling with meat), "kołacz zagorzycki" (note from the translator: traditional cake from Zagorzyce), home-made bread from Brzeziny, etc. Inhabitants, members of teams, groups, exhibitors from both Poland, and Ukraine participating in cultural meetings could meet, talk, renew or establish new friendships, plan the next joint ventures. There was also a seminar for cultural animators.

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