Changes to the Annex 9 of the Programme Manual Part I - Applicant


Please be informed that there were changes introduced to the Annex 9 of the Programme Manual Part I - Applicant "Metrics of output and result indicators".  Please find below the list of introduced changes: 

  • indicator 2.1 Number of partnerships established in order to modernize/create the environmentally friendly transport systems or services - a fragment of indicator's definition has been deleted. This indicator should be understood as 1 project constitutes 1 established partnership;
  • additional information regarding result indicators has been introduced: "Target values of result indicators should be achieved during the project sustainability period, ie. within a maximum of five years from its completion, according to the date indicated in the grant contract";
  • as a consequence of the above-mentioned change the metrics of result indicators 1.1 and 1.2 have been corrected: "... time period between the year prior to start of the project, and the fifth year after the completion of the project". 
The Programme Manual with annexes can be downloaded from here