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NGO "Environmental initiatives"

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ГО "Екологічні ініціативи"


vul. Promyslova, 45
79024 Lviv





Lvivska Oblast


Priority 3.2 Addressing common security challenges

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already have partners: The Main Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Lviv region

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Oleh Hladchuk

Position/function within the organisation

Deputy Chairman




Project idea (in English)

In a river basin of the Bug river (both in territory of Poland, and in territory of Ukraine) located the significant amount of objects of transportation, storage and distribution of crude and mineral oil, including tank farms, gasoline stations, pipelines, railway and automobile bridges. Damages on such objects can entail pollution of reservoirs and further distribution of pollution on a watercourse of the Bug river and its inflow on the territory of Ukraine and Poland which is dangerous to environment and objects of an infrastructure and maintenance of ability to live of people (fences of water, fish economy, places of recreation, etc.). The purpose of the project realization is prevention of ecological threats, improvement of transboundary cooperation in sphere of preservation of the environment, prevention of negative influences on environment and prevention of transboundary distribution of pollution, improve the safety of users of the transport network, preparatory actions in case of man-made environmental disasters and emergency situations.

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