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NGO "Transcarpathian agency for investment, innovation and development"

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БО "Закарпатське агентство з інвестицій, інновацій та розвитку"


Goydy street, 8
88000 Uzhgorod





Zakarpatska Oblast


Priority 3.1 Support to the development of health protection and social services

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already have partners: City Children's Hospital, Uzhgorod, Ukraine

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Matviy Kadar

Position/function within the organisation

project manager




Project idea (in English)

Health is one of the key components of the nation's welfare. But unfortunately governmental financing for health care in Ukraine is not enough to improve the situation. Medical equipment is sorely lacking or it is very old. Therefore we want to solve this problem at least for the younger generation. Our agency intends to improve existing facilities of City Children's Hospital (3, Ferenc Rakoczy St., Uzhgorod). It is needed to make major repairs, to purchase diagnostic and treatment equipment and also a reanimobile for safe transportation of patients to hospital. To make the treatment comfortable for children we are going to make a playroom and equip a playground nearby the hospital. Cooperation with partners from Poland will be very important for this project. Our experts will learn about foreign experience to get closer to European level of treatment and care for children. And in very complex cases it is expected to transport patients for further treatment at a hospital of partner country. That is why we are looking for a Polish Children's Hospital for further cooperation.

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