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NGO "Comprehensive Rescue Centre"

Organisation name in national language

ГО "Комплексний рятувальний центр"


12, Zhuravlyna str.
88000 Uzhgorod






Zakarpatska Oblast


Priority 3.2 Addressing common security challenges

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already have partners: State Service on Extraordinary Situations in Transcarpathian Region

Name & surname

Mike Nagorkin

Position/function within the organisation

project manager


+38 (066)5181369


Project idea (in English)

The main idea of the project – is the creation of voluntary fire protection and rescue organizations in the border regions of Poland and Ukraine. Voluntary firemen and rescues can decrease the number of injuries and considerable material damage during fires at the initial stage of their occurrence .This relates primarily to rural areas, because it may take a lot of time until the professional rescue team arrives to the place of an emergency in remote locations. Only local communities can raise the level of fire safety in villages through the establishment of voluntary fire protection units, as in most EU countries. The network of voluntary organizations, created in the border areas of Poland and Ukraine will improve overall security and rise awareness in fire protection among the members of local communities. Due to this project, the borderland population will be involved in socially useful activities that will create a spirit of unity and respect to the environment.

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