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Kamianka-Buzka City Council

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Кам'янка-Бузька міська рада


2, Shevchenka St.
80400 Kamianka-Buzka





Lvivska Oblast


Priority 1.2 Promotion and preservation of natural heritage

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Busel Volodymyr

Position/function within the organisation

City Council secretary




Project idea (in English)

Project suggests the construction of the modern wastewater treatment facilities in Kamianka-Buzka city, with a capacity of 1,500 m3 per day. Current ones, built in 50-ies of the XX century, are completely outdated and obsolete, inefficient and expensive to operate. Moreover, they almost ceased to perform their function: part of the existing technological facilities, is inoperable or performs only a partial function of mechanical treatment, some of them - in an emergency condition. In this regard, negligible cleaned wastewater from the sewer system, which serves more than 4,500 users (of the total number of residents 11000 people), falls directly into the cross border river Bug (a tributary of the Vistula, where the intake of drinking water of major cities in Poland, including Warsaw, is situated). Therefore those sewage flows pose a serious environmental problem and threat to the lives of not only residents of our city, but residents of Poland too. So both countries, Ukraine and Poland, will benefit from the implementation of this project. The project costs - 2,6 mln Euro.

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