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NGO "Ukrainian forum of distance and mobile learning"

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Громадська організація "Український форум дистанційного та мобільного навчання"


2-B, Promislova st.
76002 Ivano-Frankivsk





Ivano-Frankivska Oblast


Priority 2.2 Development of ICT infrastructure

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already have partners: Social Science Academy (Krakow), Children's Engineering Academy (Kyiv), National Ecological Centre (Kyiv)

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Larysa Savyuk

Position/function within the organisation

Голова ради/Chair




Project idea (in English)

The idea of ?the project: Innovative models of educational systems and methods of teaching and learning by involving young people in massive open online courses are other educational resources Objectives: 1. Promoting access to vocational education to improve its quality, which is especially important for young people in rural and mountainous areas bordering regions of Europe. 2. Increasing independence and motivation of youth in the domain of skills and competencies required for professional activity in the global information world. Summary of ideas: The development of distance and mobile learning and use of the ?open digital educational content is especially important for the regional development of events during a crisis. Due to the approach to training as a process for forming a global educational network may educate young people capable of adopting creative solutions and innovation with the ability to implement them in the community. Thus it is possible to reduce the migratory movement of young border regions and to provide them with jobs in the community.

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