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Communal Enterprise of "Kolomyiavodokanal"

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комунальне підприємство "Коломияводоканал"


s.Sheparivtsi vyl. Shevshenka,5
78200 Kolomyia





Ivano-Frankivska Oblast


Priority 2.1 Improvement and development of transport services and infrastructure

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Iryna Perehinchuk

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Deputy Director




Project idea (in English)

Direction: The development of the municipal infrastructure sector. Best practices of the development of water supply and sewerage infrastructure in Poland. Neighborly assistance in solving the issues of environment protection. Possible names: 1. Development of the sewerage networks in the city of Kolomyia. Preservation of the environment state. 2. Construction (Reconstruction) of the sewerage networks in the city of Kolomyia. Prevention of wastewater discharge in the Prut River. Problems that will be solved: 1. Environment protection 2. Preservation of population health 3. Possibility of creation of the recreation zone near the river 4. The city of Kolomyia is crossed by more than 4 streams and all the wastewater that is discharged into them falls into the Prut River. 5. On the territories where there are no sewerage networks other infrastructure such as leisure time locations, food outlets, medical and business facilities cannot be developed.6. It is impossible to create the developed sports and recreational facilities, such as: sports facilities, swimming pool for touris

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