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Brest State Technical University

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Учреждение образования "Брестский государственный технический университет"


267, Moskovskaya Str.
224017 Brest





Brest Oblast


Priority 1.1 Promotion of local culture and history

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Makaruk Dmitry

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head of R&D Center




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In Poland, Belarus and Ukraine, in contrast to other countries of Central and Eastern Europe, medieval city-castles have not yet been sufficiently studied and presented to the public. It should be noted that the foundation and history of Lublin, Lutsk and Brest castles have a lot in common. The subsequent history of urban development was determined by the common stay as part of Kievan Rus, Galicia-Volyn principality, Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Republic of Poland and the Russian Empire. That is why it is important to unite the efforts of scientists to study the historical and cultural interaction in the process of foundation and development of the Lublin, Lutsk and Brest castles, identify common and distinctive principles of building of castles. In this regard, it is supposed to conduct the following actions within the project: • Carrying out joint research (including historians, architects, art historians) of the construction and development of the Lublin, Lutsk and Brest castles, presenting the results in scientific publications and at the Ukrainian-Belarusian scientific seminars. • Creating a chronological 3D reconstruction (virtualization) of the Lublin, Lutsk and Brest castles. • Conducting festivals of castles history with visualization of obtained dynamic 3D models on the walls of preserved castles. • Conducting three joint scientific workshops and three conferences in Lublin, Lutsk and Brest. • Preparation and publication of brochures, booklets about the three castles, its architecture and history. • Creation of a joint portal with virtual tours of the castles.

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