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state educational establishment "Slonim Gymnasium #1"

Organisation name in national language

государственное учреждение образования "Гимназия №1 г.Слонима"


36, ul.Sinichkina
231800 Slonim





Grodno Oblast


Priority 2.1 Improvement and development of transport services and infrastructure

Legal status of organisation

public administration

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Name & surname

Galina Paikina

Position/function within the organisation

Headmistress of the Gymnasium




Project idea (in English)

We ask for the financial support of the teachers' initiative which is aimed at promotion of a healthy life style of our teachers and pupils, improvement of transport infrastructure and ecological situation in the city. The idea is the construction of bicycle paths, 5 kilometres long, the construction and equipment of a bicycle parking for 100 bicycles and some sportsgrounds in the gymnasium. The grounds for the idea are the following. Our educational establishment is the only of this type in the city and we enroll pupils fom all the district of the city and from the countryside. But the gymnasium is situated in the old part of the city with a poor transport service because of too narrow streets for public buses. That's why the nearby streets are jammed with privite cars. To solve the situation we try to promote cycling, have a cycling club and organize cycling trips for our teachers, pupils and their parents. We have some experience of participation in the project on ecological management in the PROON/ES programs No. 00062795 and other projects.

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