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he Department of ideological work, culture and youth Affairs of the Grodno regional Executive Committee

Organisation name in national language

Отдел идеологической работы, культуры и по делам молодежи Гродненского районного исполнительного комитета


Gorky street 51, Grodno, Belarus
230029 Grodno





Grodno Oblast


Priority 1.1 Promotion of local culture and history

Legal status of organisation

public administration

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Irina Golubeva

Position/function within the organisation

chief specialist


+375152 74 14 01, Tel. mob. +37529 50 92 167


Project idea (in English)

"The way to Augustow kanal. Creating cultural and tourism exhibition complex To create a cultural and tourism exhibition complex in G. p. Sopotskin on the way to Augustów canal. To carry out the reconstruction of the former industrial building built in the early twentieth century to Equip its premises for tourist accommodation for 14 persons, with facilities for catering and group classes, reconstruction of administrative building with information center and exhibition hall for the organization of exhibitions related to history, culture, natural wealth of the Grodno Pushcha, the Augustow canal, Sopotskin, organization of exhibitions and sales of Handicrafts. Equip workshops: the blacksmith, a Potter, a Woodcarver, lozopletenie and solomobile. Fencing, landscaping and infrastructure development (lanes, Parking for bikes and cars), recreation areas. Purchase and installation of necessary equipment and tools for workshops.

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