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State Institutioh of Education "Novodevyatkovichy Secondary School of Slonim District"

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ГУО "Новодевятковичская средняя школа Слонимского района"


Гродненская область, Слонимский район, д. Новодевятковичи, ул. Первомайская, 15 Б
231825 Слонимский район, д. Новодевятковичи





Grodno Oblast


Priority 3.1 Support to the development of health protection and social services

Legal status of organisation

public administration

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Дмитрий Близнюк

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GSM (80296622995)


Project idea (in English)

Project name: "Institution of education as a center of social and cultural activities of the rural area". The main objective of the project: the solution of the demographic problems of rural areas, the change in the negative balance of migration through the creation of a favorable living environment. What we want to do? 1st step. The future of the village is in its attractiveness to children and youth. School as the center arranges its territory well, equips with modern equipment its playgrounds & sports grounds for children of different ages and the population of the rural region. On this basis it organizes activities aimed at organization of rest & leisure & at promoting a healthy lifestyle. 2nd step. Objects of historical and cultural heritage are well arranged, an advertising campaign to attract tourists to the region is held, the school Museum is becoming a center for the provision of tourist services. 3rd step. During the whole time of project implementation the positive experience is spread to other rural areas of the Slonim district.

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