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Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno

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Гродненский государственный университет имени Янки Купалы


Ozheshko str. 22
230023 Grodno





Grodno Oblast


Priority 1.1 Promotion of local culture and history

Legal status of organisation

body governed by public law

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Elena Knor

Position/function within the organisation

The Head of International Project Management Office


+375 152 721057


Project idea (in English)

The project: «Family historical memory – for sustainable development of border regions» / «Family historical memory of border regions». The overall aim: through the research and popularization of family historical memory and common historical-cultural heritage to foster consolidation and sustainable border regions development. Specific objectives: 1) Identify and analyze the peculiarities of the formation of family historical memory among border regions inhabitants as well as their perception of common historical-cultural heritage. 2) To create informational, educational and cultural internet platform aimed at family historical memory and common historical-cultural heritage promotion. 3) To raise the level of border regions inhabitants awareness regarding historical-cultural heritage and possibilities of the extension of collaborative engagement in the field of socio-cultural life.

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