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Polish Foundation of the Opportunities Industrialization Centers 'OIC Poland'

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Polska Fundacja Ośrodków Wspomagania Rozwoju Gospodarczego 'OIC Poland'


Gospoadarcza 26
20-213 Lublin





Lubelskie Voivodeship


Priority 1.1 Promotion of local culture and history

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Jacek Korzeniak

Position/function within the organisation

Acting President of the Board


81 710 46 35


Project idea (in English)

E-competence centers Build local centers of development of e-competence on the basis of local NGOs and / or schools, libraries. Equipment public points of access to the Internet and a computer for local communities and training in raising e- competence disadvantaged groups Family assistance center development and dissemination of integrated professional and family counseling, and specialized family counseling (including support for the establishment / operation of the inter-points consulting - consulting, providing access to free legal counseling and civil Culture and history promotion centers The promotion of cultural and history heritage on both sides of the border through activities such as: organization of field trips, organization of workshops, preparation of promotional materials - brochures, albums, guides promoting culturally and historically interesting places, customs and rituals, production of promotional films, organization of exhibitions.

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